My Lady is working

If you are bored, you are looking for a new project. That’s my mantra. In this case I create a new guest room in my country house on Gozo.

When I rent the house last year, I was not really happy about the furnishing in it. Specially the bedroom at the second floor displeased totally. In the past there must be flooted and the wood was damaged. Now its time to change.

Thanks for Maltashopper I could order a new bed, sideboard, side cabinets and more by IKEA. My lovely neigbour Andi and his friends will help me to assemble anything.

The old bed will be a sun bed at the roof terrace and the board take place as shelve for plants on. The Gozian summer will come soon, I hope!

The new room must be finish end of the month, my sister and her husband will come and they will be the first to stay there. This will be a surprise!

The old vanity get new legs and a nice new colour and find a new place in the living room at the first floor as a desk. I’m shure my guests will love the new furnishings.

Flecky the cat will be glad, that she don’t move oncemore, she is nervous about the action in her house! She hats the driller, screwdriver and saw really. Hopefully she doesn’t fall in the colour.



Go to Victoria

Shopping on Gozo will be planed. When runs the bus? I take them at 9:12 AM to Imgarr, the harbour. Here I change the bus to Victoria, because I don’t like the way through the hills, the route is long and boring.

Fourty minutes later I arrive the bus terminal in the middle of Victoria. At first I go to “Coffee Break” my cappuccino is waiting their and a small talk with the brothers of the “Victoria Garage” by site as well.

I will invite you for a tour through the town, do you will following me?

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