The Summer Says Goodbye ….

My first summer on Gozo ends now, the stormy weather pass the islands, but the sun is shining, the temperature is nicely 23 C and when the wind goes sleeping, the evenings are fine for staying outside.  Continue reading The Summer Says Goodbye ….


Social life in Qala

A fixed appiontment for Qala citizens in the summer is the “Grand Table” by the Stable of Qala. In an evening per month citizens, natives or immigrants, holiday makers and friends from Malta come together for a nice dinner and round table talks. Continue reading Social life in Qala

Go to Victoria

Shopping on Gozo will be planed. When runs the bus? I take them at 9:12 AM to Imgarr, the harbour. Here I change the bus to Victoria, because I don’t like the way through the hills, the route is long and boring.

Fourty minutes later I arrive the bus terminal in the middle of Victoria. At first I go to “Coffee Break” my cappuccino is waiting their and a small talk with the brothers of the “Victoria Garage” by site as well.

I will invite you for a tour through the town, do you will following me?

Continue reading Go to Victoria

What costs Gozo?

If you compare prices between Malta main island and Gozo, you can see, Gozo is cheaper. I have a special index called “Cappo” (a cup of Cappuccino & a bottle still water). In Valletta you pay 4 € in the bar at Xaghra’s market place you get him for 2,50 €.

In the last years the costs of living growth up on Malta, but they are always deeper than the costs level in the industrial countries. Of course when you want import goods, you must pay much more, but the most food goods are prepared by local farms and companies.

.Below you will find an approximate guide of the monthly expenses you are likely to incur while studying in Malta. These are only approximations since your monthly bill will be determined by your personal lifestyle.  costs

The international index of quality of life confirms Malta a very high level in cases of health care, risk and security, culture, freedom, leisure, environment and climate. Much better than Germany!

Children can play outside safely. You can walk around by night without fear.

For cooking and heating normally you will use propane.

gas Liquid Gas Malta

The electricity deliver by Enemalta is much cheaper as in Germany.

Telephone and Internet is always and everywhere available and you would be surprise about the WIFI connection on Gozo.

tv-telef      GO Malta  Vodafone Malta  Melita Malta