Welcome the first guests

Since the beginning of March my offer on AIRBNB started and how wunder, the interest of my country house with his private rooms don’t let me sleep anymore. It’s crazy, but the most requests reach me after 10 PM. I don’t know why?

My first booking reached me at 4 AM, an Austrialien will book a room from end of April to end of June – Wow, I earn money for the rent by spleeping……

I’m waiting for the first guests at April the 1. and I hope this is not an April juke.  Still then, I have lot to do.

Their are three bedrooms, four bathroom, two living rooms, a dinning room and the kitchen to clean up. Don’t talk about the ten windows, two terrace doors and the pool area.

This house is mutch bigger as a small flat in Olching.

Of course I go to Victoria, the capital of Gozo, because I find a lot of things for the house.

And meanwile I change, restore or build new furnitures, but about this I will talk in another blog. Is this the answer of the question “What are you doing on Gozo”?


Country House in Qala

“Come in and find out!” is the call till 1.March, when the first guest will follow my offer at Airbnb or rent a private room by my website.

Because the living in Qala would be boring, when you stay their alone with your cat.

Gozo is nice and interesting for visitors. Who like swimming, diving, cycling or riding enjoy this island, but also culture and art, history and  archaeology have their place here. I hope someone will share this experience with me.

I have decided to let two rooms private. This will bring a lot of fun and you are invited to come in my home.

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The room for two at the top of the house is called “little Lighthouses” and has a double bed, two sideboards, a mirror, a clothes rack, a upholstered chair and stool. You find there a water heater, dishes and towels. As well you find an ensuite douches/WC. You have there also entrance to the roof terrace, a little seat group are waiting for you.

In the first flour you can check in a bedroom called “little Rose”. It is furnished with a double bed, a wardrobe, a sideboard and mirror, a upholstered chair and stool, a water heater, dishes and towels. You find as well an ensuite douches/WC.

Details for letting times and rates you find at homepage Haubi, please have a look!

I will pleased to meet you on Gozo.






My Way to Gozo

During a cruises I visited Malta first in 2008. I am impressed of the history, the street life and of course the warm and sunny weather in November. Back at home I started to read a lot about Malta. If you google “Malta” you find many web sides, which inform about living and working on Malta.

You will read there, that you a lot of money spend to let a home or for food and leisure because the income is smaller as in Germany. But when you retire and take your pension it will be enough for a good live. More information and tips you find here in my blog.

Over the years I got an idea from lifestyle at Malta and I feel good by thinking about living there, when I start my retirement. In the next years I visited the main island again and found my best place for life at Gozo.

I like the social life in the small villages and the leisurely way of live. In this year I went to Gozo, to get more details to realize my plan.

Twelve days on Gozo: sun, breeze and interesting impressions I could collected. The 4 stars Hotel Cornucopia in Xagrha(Schaarah) was my base for my exploring. Not at all the hotel with its pretty ambience and comfort was fine.

The little town was also a highlight. The busy marketplace with bars, restaurant, shops and its big church were used for meetings and relaxing. Two bus lines connecting the town with Victoria, the main town, Marsalforn the harbour in the northeast, Mgarr, the harbour in the south and point of the ferry to Malta. Excellent! The local buses connecting every towns, the price is low and I don’t need a car. Driving I don’t prefer, because the streets are narrow and always on the left?

Precipitous coasts, pretty bays, towns on the top of the hill and valleys between with farmland, that is Gozo. At Ramla Bay you find a nice beach, a dream! Whether lunch at Marsalforn Bay or coffee time at the button of the citadel of Victoria, from Xaghra you reach everything in twenty minutes by bus – easy going on Gozo!

After twelve days I can say: A Good Place for Life!