What’s to do in the Gozian Winter?

We have winter, yes we have! Little bit different to Germany. It will be sunny, rainy and windy and sometimes anything together, but mostly upper 15° C.

Our houses are not build for rainy days and you need your trousers, wool socks and cardigan when you are staying in or outside. Where, on any islands, an umbraela is not bad.

The last evening outside was the Halloween night with my neigbours at Zeppis’ Pub. A crowd of masked people are there and we have had a lot of fun.23146085_1511282218924864_635226211_n

I used the silence time for tours around the island. Mostly by bus, sometimes per foot. Per example a Sunday’s walk down to the harbour of Mgarr. In the time of advent the live of Bethlehem starts in Ghajnsielem and I have had a view in the past, on the time of Jesu birth.


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By the way, the streets in the villages are nice decorated and anywhere Xmas songs sounded at the places and roads.



Also the social life goes on during the winter. With a party at home to celebrate Saint Nicholos, Ladys Nights and visiting the opera in Victoria, meeting my friends at Zeppi’s my days were filled.

The life don’t stops, it only runs slowly!