Holiday at home

This special feeling I had, when my family came to Gozo for vacation. The best start to show them something about the easy going in Qala was a pool party. Continue reading Holiday at home


Renting by AIRBNB – interesting experiences….

When I come to Qala I was thinking about my to do in the future. OK it was nice to complete and decorate the new house. The house keeping needs a lot of time but what about socializing? A small talk at the supermarket, in the bus or at the restaurant that’s not enough. Continue reading Renting by AIRBNB – interesting experiences….

Flag show !

Flag show in times of the crisis around Syria, that is a must to do. Malta’s government does it and shows the way for all members of the EU!


Russia slams Malta for refusing to refuel warship

Accuses Malta of falling victim to West’s information war

Malta has banned Russian warships from refueling in its ports because it fell victim to the West’s information war, according to Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman.

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