About me

I am a little laAbout medy of 64 years and lived in a small town nearby Munich still 2016. I am independent, nosey, optimistic and humorous. I like reading, writing, telling stories and not at least travelling.

In the past I was working as a senior analyst finance and now I created a new life for retirement.

In my blog www.ritastrips.com I tell you about my travels, aims, accommodations a special tip.

In this one, I will share my experiences on the way to Gozo, the place I want to stay in the future.

When you thing now “Why she is going to Gozo” I tell you, something about me. Since my childhood, my family and I moved around Germany, my dad was a manager by Siemens and so we explored German from the north to the south. I learned early “Life is change”. When I started working, travelling was alternative for movement.

Now in the third part of my life, I will explore a new terrain, that’s why I go to Gozo and my little cat comes with me.