Holiday at home

This special feeling I had, when my family came to Gozo for vacation. The best start to show them something about the easy going in Qala was a pool party.

Friends, neigbours, guests and my family had a lot of fun by BBQ, talking, drinking and swiming in the pool. And Flecky as special guest!

As an example of social life in Qala, we took place on the “Tradinional Grand Table”. A funny evening with local food, home made wine, traditional and modern musik, talking and dancing in front of the stabbles was a great experience for my family.

During the holidays, my sister and her husband ejoyed the daily shopping in the village supermarket. This tiny, narrow, full grocery store, were you will find anythings for life. The oposite of REWE and ALDI, without music and scents, only the cry of Antonella when someone searching something. An amizing experience for German customers and add least the delivery service for free, against the service desert at home!

Never the less the nice evenings at Zeppi’s pub compliated the image of life in Qala. Crowdy, busy and funny were evenings in Qala, a small village on Gozo my family found out.

A special was the visit in Valletta. Never go shopping their in August. The heat was awful, but never the less beautiful. I will come back in autom.

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About our tours on and around Gozo I will tell next days.


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I am a little lady of 63 years and live in a village on Gozo/Malta. I am independent, nosey, optimistic and humorous. I like reading, writing, telling stories and not at least travelling. I will share my experiences on this way to and on Gozo and have fun, when you test my tips.

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