Night life in Qala?

What a request! If you come to Qala noon, you will determine “a sleeping village”. Your first  impression is right. In the morning, the rolling backery and supermarket will you wake up by the horn. The cars, quads or motor bikes bring the workers noisely through the streets and the bells call the people to the holy mass. The busy time in the village begins at 7 AM and ends at 12 AM when the shops make a break to 4 PM. Nobody is on the roads in this time , one the tourists are running around, sweating and puffing with crimson faces.

A resident will stay in the house or in cases like me, in the pool, and does the daily work slowly and calm. After 5 to 7 PM they come out and the village alive again.

The locals are sitting in front of the houses, instead of the “volta” in Italy I will speak from “sitting” on Gozo.

The pubs and restaurants fill up with people, natives – residents – holyday makers, and the church welcomes the comunity to the holy mass as well.

The sun goes dawn, the live music starts in Zeppis’s pub and the place and street in front are full with lively and exuberant young and old people.

That’s make my happy to stay here and not anywhere else.


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I am a little lady of 63 years and live in a village on Gozo/Malta. I am independent, nosey, optimistic and humorous. I like reading, writing, telling stories and not at least travelling. I will share my experiences on this way to and on Gozo and have fun, when you test my tips.

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