Social life in Qala

A fixed appiontment for Qala citizens in the summer is the “Grand Table” by the Stable of Qala. In an evening per month citizens, natives or immigrants, holiday makers and friends from Malta come together for a nice dinner and round table talks.The organisation lies in the hand of some active woman, witch prepare local food, invite guests by small talks in the supermarket, bars and restaurants. They decorate a long table in front of the stables from the horse raising in Qala. They offer local wine, starter plates with Gozian specialities, main course from chicken and lambs, vegetabels, potato and cheese, fruits and ice cream.

To welcome the guests a local band plays tradinional music and the stuff of the stables show the horses, donkeys and ponnies.


At my first time I meet a lot of interesting people, make contacts to other immigrantes and find new friends in Qala. It was my turn to invite my English neighbours, they stay at Qala since 3 years but they don’t know about this events. The owner of my supermarket, Bene one of the organisation woman, invites me to this event. You see, socializing is important on Gozo. We are dancing in the night and have a lot of fun.

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I am a little lady of 63 years and live in a village on Gozo/Malta. I am independent, nosey, optimistic and humorous. I like reading, writing, telling stories and not at least travelling. I will share my experiences on this way to and on Gozo and have fun, when you test my tips.

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