Good News from Malta



The three year’s plan of the government brings a lot of changes in tax and social benefit for Malta people and specially for pensioners.

I think, this is extraordinary for a little state as Malta.

Read in Times of Malta this evening.

Artikel Times of Malta


My Way to Gozo

During a cruises I visited Malta first in 2008. I am impressed of the history, the street life and of course the warm and sunny weather in November. Back at home I started to read a lot about Malta. If you google “Malta” you find many web sides, which inform about living and working on Malta.

You will read there, that you a lot of money spend to let a home or for food and leisure because the income is smaller as in Germany. But when you retire and take your pension it will be enough for a good live. More information and tips you find here in my blog.

Over the years I got an idea from lifestyle at Malta and I feel good by thinking about living there, when I start my retirement. In the next years I visited the main island again and found my best place for life at Gozo.

I like the social life in the small villages and the leisurely way of live. In this year I went to Gozo, to get more details to realize my plan.

Twelve days on Gozo: sun, breeze and interesting impressions I could collected. The 4 stars Hotel Cornucopia in Xagrha(Schaarah) was my base for my exploring. Not at all the hotel with its pretty ambience and comfort was fine.

The little town was also a highlight. The busy marketplace with bars, restaurant, shops and its big church were used for meetings and relaxing. Two bus lines connecting the town with Victoria, the main town, Marsalforn the harbour in the northeast, Mgarr, the harbour in the south and point of the ferry to Malta. Excellent! The local buses connecting every towns, the price is low and I don’t need a car. Driving I don’t prefer, because the streets are narrow and always on the left?

Precipitous coasts, pretty bays, towns on the top of the hill and valleys between with farmland, that is Gozo. At Ramla Bay you find a nice beach, a dream! Whether lunch at Marsalforn Bay or coffee time at the button of the citadel of Victoria, from Xaghra you reach everything in twenty minutes by bus – easy going on Gozo!

After twelve days I can say: A Good Place for Life!

Where is the best place to life?

You search a residence on Gozo? You will choose between a lot of offers.

If you have find the wright place, you can check the offers at Google first. But the most of them are holiday houses. Better contact a property agency, the give a best support.

The way of let a house is very different to Germany. If you search here a property, you can find something make a contract for the timeline, terminate your home, call the move company and wrap up the things.

On Gozo you go to the agency, tell what you want, they show you available objects, mostly full furniture, you make a contract starting next week or perhaps next month and bring your things in the new home. That is the way of Gozo.

Important to know what you want!

You prefer a flat at the seafront, then you will have neighbours with holiday home. A townhouse in the villages will be OK, when you want local people in the surrounding.

Flats in Marsalforn, Xlendi, Quala with three bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and living room you can rent for 250€ to 500€ per month.

Townhouses, Houses of characters and Farmhouses in the them size you can rent starting by 400€ or with pool starting by 600€ per month, if you make a long term letting over six months in the villages everywhere on Gozo.

Frank Salt Real Estate

REMAX Property Malta

Dhalia Real Estate Services Malta



What costs Gozo?

If you compare prices between Malta main island and Gozo, you can see, Gozo is cheaper. I have a special index called “Cappo” (a cup of Cappuccino & a bottle still water). In Valletta you pay 4 € in the bar at Xaghra’s market place you get him for 2,50 €.

In the last years the costs of living growth up on Malta, but they are always deeper than the costs level in the industrial countries. Of course when you want import goods, you must pay much more, but the most food goods are prepared by local farms and companies.

.Below you will find an approximate guide of the monthly expenses you are likely to incur while studying in Malta. These are only approximations since your monthly bill will be determined by your personal lifestyle.  costs

The international index of quality of life confirms Malta a very high level in cases of health care, risk and security, culture, freedom, leisure, environment and climate. Much better than Germany!

Children can play outside safely. You can walk around by night without fear.

For cooking and heating normally you will use propane.

gas Liquid Gas Malta

The electricity deliver by Enemalta is much cheaper as in Germany.

Telephone and Internet is always and everywhere available and you would be surprise about the WIFI connection on Gozo.

tv-telef      GO Malta  Vodafone Malta  Melita Malta

If you want to stay permit …….

As citizen of the European Union you can stay here without a residence announce. It is legal to live there.

When you want to stay longer as three months, you register at

Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs
Evans Building
St Elmo’s Square; Valletta


There for you need:

  • Valid passport or identity card
  • Certificated health care insurance
  • Your Incomes confirmation

This can be any proof that the person is receiving the required income or has sufficient resources in the bank)

Identity Malta Agency

There you find information and forms for selves-sufficient as pensioner (Economic Self Sufficiency – CEA Form J)

After 5 years permit on Gozo, you can then apply for a permanent residence document, which confirms your rights to live in the country where you now live permanently, without any conditions.


Money – Money – Money

Since 2008 Malta’s payment is the Euro. You don’t chance any money. ATM is available everywhere and mostly you can  choose the language.

A lot of international banks have a branch at Malta. But you can also use your home bank.

When you stay permit on Gozo and you have to pay income tax, will be better to have both, the home bank for the incoming social pension and a Malta bank for the other types of revenue. You can better manage your tax.

All citizen pays income tax between 0% to 35% calculate on the income amount.

From EUR To    EUR Tax % From EUR To     EUR Tax % From EUR To    EUR Tax %
single married parents
0 9.100 0 % 0 12.700 0 % 0 10.500 0 %
9.101 14.500 15 % 12.701 21.200 15 % 10.501 15.800 15 %
14.501 60.000 25 % 21.201 60.000 25 % 15.801 60.000 25 %
60.001 > 35 % 60.001 > 35 % 60.001 > 35 %

Residents (people living more than 183 days per year at Malta) pays income tax for income generate in Malta and foreign countries. Malta and Germany agreed in 2001 a contract “for the Avoidance of Double Taxation with respect to Taxes on Income and on Capital” *).

Article 18

Pensions, Annuities and Similar Payments

  1. Pensions and similar payments or annuities paid to a resident of a Contracting State from the other Contracting State shall be taxable only in the first-mentioned State.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1, payments received by an individual being a resident of a Contracting State from the statutory social insurance of the other Contracting State shall be taxable only in that other State.
  3. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1, recurrent or non-recurrent payments made by one of the Contracting States or a political subdivision thereof to a person resident in the other Contracting State for damages sustained as a result of war or political persecution or of military or civil service (including restitution payments) shall be taxable only in the first-mentioned State.
  4. The term “annuities” means certain amounts payable periodically at stated times, for life or for a specified or ascertainable period of time, under an obligation to make the payments in return for adequate and full consideration in money or money’s worth.
  5. Maintenance payments, including those for children, made by a resident of a Contracting State to a resident of the other Contracting State shall be exempted from tax in that other State. This shall not apply where such maintenance payments are deductible in the first-mentioned State in computing the taxable income of the payer; tax allowances in mitigation of social burdens are not deemed to be deductions for the purposes of this paragraph.

Par example:

Kind of Income per month per year
statutory social insurance 1500 18000 taxable in Germany
other annuities 600 7200 taxable in Malta
interes income 200 2400 taxable in Malta but if it regards to foreign property tax free
totals 2300 27600

*) Translation: Artikel 18 Ruhegehälter, Renten und ähnliche Zahlungen

(1) Ruhegehälter und ähnliche Vergütungen oder Renten, die einer in einem Vertragsstaat ansässigen Person von dem anderen Vertragsstaat gezahlt werden, können nur im erstgenannten Staat besteuert werden.

(2) Bezüge, die eine in einem Vertragsstaat ansässige Person aus der gesetzlichen Sozialversicherung des anderen Vertragsstaats erhält, können abweichend von Absatz 1 nur in diesem anderen Staat besteuert werden.

(3) Wiederkehrende und einmalige Vergütungen, die ein Vertragsstaat oder eine seiner Gebietskörperschaften an eine in dem anderen Vertragsstaat ansässige Person für Schäden zahlt, die als Folge von Kriegshandlungen oder politischer Verfolgung oder des Wehr- oder Zivildienstes entstanden sind (einschließlich Wiedergutmachungsleistungen), können abweichend von Absatz 1 nur im erstgenannten Staat besteuert werden.

(4) Der Begriff „Rente“ bedeutet einen bestimmten Betrag, der regelmäßig zu festgesetzten Zeitpunkten lebenslänglich oder während eines bestimmten oder bestimmbaren Zeitabschnitts aufgrund einer Verpflichtung zahlbar ist, die diese Zahlungen als Gegenleistung für eine in Geld oder Geldeswert bewirkte angemessene Leistung vorsieht.

(5) Unterhaltszahlungen, einschließlich derjenigen für Kinder, die eine in einem Vertragsstaat ansässige Person an eine im anderen Vertragsstaat ansässige Person zahlt, sind in diesem anderen Staat von der Steuer befreit. Das gilt nicht, soweit die Unterhaltszahlungen im erstgenannten Staat bei der Berechnung des steuerpflichtigen Einkommens des Zahlungsverpflichteten abzugsfähig sind; Steuerfreibeträge zur Milderung der sozialen Lasten gelten nicht als Abzug im Sinne dieser Bestimmung.

What’s necessary to Malta move?

If you are a German citizen, you need a valid passport or identity card, do you travel with children, then they must have an own. Yours legitimation don’t invalid then a year.

Are you coming from a country belong to the EU, from Island or Norway? The same rules are valid. If not, please have a look at your native countries special information.

Since 2008 the officially payment of Malta is the Euro.

When entry to the country you must declare money or investments over 10.000 € to the customs. Goods, bought in the European Union, you don’t declare, they are duty free.

Yours driver licence is valid on Malta.

Please you inform, if you take goods with you, not need for normal live like guns, about special rules.

If you want to take your car with you or you need more details, please inform at

Bundesverwaltungsamt Auslandsdeutsche( in German only)

EURES information side

German Embessy Malta